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Hi guys. Omni pod lost my shipment of my sons pods so they sent me a reorder and then the original order showed up later so that being said I have 3 boxes of extra pods I can sell for 170. I just wanted to vent for a minute first though. And give a disclaimer. If you have purchased items from me I know sometimes I take forever to get them out. But they always get there. I am not trying to scam anyone. I am a real life person. I am not Amazon sitting in a warehouse with nothing else better to do with my life. I got on here to get connected to other people who are parents like me. Once I was on here I saw that people had a need for a lower cost alternative and I find myself with extra supplies because I have great insurance (which I pay a lot for) and two type 1 diabetic kids. I wish that I could give everything away but I can't and I am trying to make back some of the money I pay for insurance. I am a full time preschool Teacher. I work 8-5 everyday. I have 6 kids at home and just found out that I am pregnant (not planned thought we were done). I really want to help people. I wish I could give it all away. But I promise if you are in need of something I have to offer and it takes a little while to get to you it's not that I am trying to screw you out of money. I am just a real life human being. It's not my full time job to sell and ship stuff. I want to be helpful but please understand that we are people helping each other.
1 13yr old T1D son and possible 11 yr old daughter in early stages. | Belleair Beach, FL

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